Monday, July 26, 2010

Tory Johnson discusses using your blog or personal website to sell

On Monday, July 26, Tory Johnson gave a report on opportunities to earn substantial money by selling ad space on personal websites and blogs. She made particular mention of the Open Sky Project, which is (website url) here.   This facility is more about selling specific products and services. As for a more general approach, she first suggested approaching local businesses to sell advertisements on your blog, rather than depend on national advertising platforms.

Most of us have heard about the spectacular success of a few “mommy blogs”, most notably Heather Armstrong, who started “” in 2002 after she was fired for making unfavorable comments about her workplace on her blog without naming the company or people (but they still could be identified). Blogs about “practical concerns” shared by many people (gardening, cooking, or especially job hunting) sometimes do well, as do some blogs about technology and particularly Internet security and various technical subjects such as in video or filmmaking. You don’t expect a blog about abstract matters such as social or political “ideology” to do was well. (Religion and faith is a mixed bag.)

Tory Johnson is scheduled for many appearances on this website, the “Work at Home Woman”, here.

I am somewhat familiar with another advertising exchange called Linkshare, here, which I used a few years ago (from 1999-2005) on my old Hppub site. I found that some kinds of companies, like airlines, would not (post 9/11) advertise on sites that deal with political controversies, and would “pre-eliminate” them. I also worked with specific vendors on Hppub and a few did advertise on my site.

There used to be some free news feeds like “7am news” that could make a site more attractive then; now one uses social media instead for news currency.

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