Sunday, July 04, 2010

Older workers: Dye your hair, use Rogaine, and whiten your teeth (really?)

I caught an interview on CNN today from a female spokesperson (didn’t get he name), about job hunting for people whose resumes that go back to the 1970s.

Leave out that experience with the company that no longer exists. (It probably exists as part of something else.) Your resume is not your autobiography. (Should you have one at all on the Net?)

If you’re older, your “maturity” may scare younger managers. So may your previous incomes. So may your lack of non-linear tech savvy.

But I was taken back by her recommendation to dye your hair (or get a toupee, or use Minoxodil or Rogaine) or get a tooth whitening job. I don’t need that. If you’re getting older as a male, don’t wear shorts in public and show up on the Web that way. Of, you shouldn’t worry about things you can do nothing about! I guess you're going to be scoped on the job interview, and even before on the Web.

Here is CNN’s “Job Blues for Gray-Haired Workers” link.

Update: July 21

Check this recent story on Newsweek on "lookism" and the workplace, here.  Maybe it doesn't matter too much in IT.  The article is rather strident to say the least.

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