Saturday, July 10, 2010

Musicians often have a hard time making a living (MSN story)

MSN ran an article from “The Root” about the financial life of a musician, showing how difficult it would be for the average music band member to make a living off of CD and MP3 sales. P2P piracy (whatever one thinks of the past tactics of the RIAA) can make the problem for musicians worse. Read Cord Jefferson’s article “The Music Industry’s Funny Money” here.

So, yes, musicians do other things, like wait on tables, clean apartments (I used to hear that a lot in my days at the Ninth Street Center in the 1970s) and, for the more physical ones, model. Oh, some do work as actors, maybe even in SAG.

So the life of the artist is no easier today than in the days of “Copying Beethoven.”

I like the name of the source publication. I used to argue with my father by "taking things to the Root".

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