Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It really may be better to train your laptop battery to run down!

A little tip: I forgot to plug in the XPS Vista laptop today. A storm came, when I would normally disconnect it to protect it from any lightning risks. Coincidentally, the Dell battery got down to 6%, and flashed a warning on the status bar. Then it went dark, into sleep mode. Discarding caution, I plugged in the battery to the UPS, giving it current, but the Dell still remained asleep. Then the power light went out.

I unplugged the laptop, waited for the storm to pass, and replugged it. After a wait of one minute, it seemed that the Dell machine would recognize it was active but asleep. It brought up a warning screen, said resume windows. It took about one minute for Windows to resume, with the user accounts locked. After unlocking, the machine worked normally.

It seems as though the firmware knows how long it has been powered down. You must pull power and leave if off for a specified time, as is the case with cable modems sometimes. Car batteries and starters sometimes work this way.

I guess I’m in the habit of using the house current too much. The battery lasts about two hours before running out. It probably does better if train it and let it run down more often.

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