Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Facebook use at home for people who already have jobs (there are many mistakes!)

Here’s a good one on a site by Mike Volpe, “To 10 Career Facebook Mistakes”, although I see the original list was old (posted in Jan 2008), before Facebook made many important innovations on its services. Still Bing brought this file to my attention when I logged on this morning, for whatever reason. Actually the counted number of mistakes is 8.

The emphasis here is for people already employed. Facebook seems to be all too miscible with the workplace.

Here’s the link.

I wonder why it matters if you post party pictures the same night, rather than the next morning.

True, you shouldn’t say you don’t like your job on Facebook, even if you don’t identify the company. People have been fired for that. But I remember an incident in pre-Internet days back in 1977, when I had gone to work for a Medicaid contractor (Bradford), and another programmer simply told someone he was already looking for a different job with the NYC Transit Agency. He was fired immediately when it got around.

It seems to me that the general comments about online reputation apply to all media, not just Facebook.

There is also a “Facebook for Business Marketing Kit” with link here.

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