Friday, July 09, 2010

Carbonite works, after a couple of tricks

I went ahead and tried Carbonite backup on my laptop. I found it pre-installed, but the icon would say “trying to establish Internet access” and die. So I went to the site and reinstalled it.

I found I was not able to preselect the directories that I wanted. The product would die.

But the default settings worked. The backup was very slow at first, but in time gained speed. It probably took about 24 hours to back up 6 Gig. I found that I could disable or “dismiss” it before turning off the laptop, and resume it on restart. There is a green oval icon on the system tray (it’s gray until the initial backup completes). It seems to back up new files pretty promptly. It allows a 14 day trial and then $55 a year.

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