Monday, June 07, 2010

Job offers may tend to be 30% less than just three years ago: is this lowballing?

MarketWatch has an article (reprinted on Yahoo! finance) about “low-ball salary offers”, link here.  Offers are often 30% less than two or three years ago. A job that was in the 40000-50000 range is now 28000-38000.

However, I’ve taken pay cuts before to stay competitive and remain stable. In 1981, I left a project that was falling apart (at $35000) and joined Chilton (now Experian) for $28000 in Dallas, and had 6-1/2 stable years. In 1990, I took a lateral move, from one $40000 job to another. In both cases, considerable salary inflation occurred afterwards over the years. At my “layoff” at the end of 2001, I was making about $72000.

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