Monday, June 21, 2010

Ashton Kutcher posts job at Katalyst on Twitter: a good example of where social media is taking the job market (even for techies?)

I saw a tweet from Ashton Kutcher (“aplusk”) about a position in his company Katalyst “Associate Creative Director”, Monster link. The job involves directing social media campaigns for all of the enterprise’s clients. The job is in LA.

I’ve noted on my blogs that in many businesses “personal social media” and “business social media” are merging, making “online reputation” an even more sensitive issue in the workplace. I don’t know if Ashton had all this in mind with the tweet, but the job posting certainly fits in to the ongoing discussion of online presence and the job market (as noted by workplace columnists like Tory Johnson on ABC).

(Oh, Asthon, as for one of your YouTube videos: the chest is an extension of the chin. Everything is optional. See my Movies blog June 6, 2010 )

Picture: Guess the City.  (It's not LA).

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