Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why does my PC boot up too slowly?

I saw this article on AOL “My Computer Takes Forever to Boot Up”, today, link here.  There are stories of older machines taking 20-30 minutes to boot up. My Dell 8300 behaved that way for a few months until the hard drive (6 years old) crashed completely, a good job for the Geek Squad.

My Dell XPS on Vista sometimes takes longer than it should; the pre-me D recovery disk has to be canceled before the computer will allow programs to be executed from the start menu, and once in a while IE stalls once for about a minute (requiring Vista to fix it once), then everything works.

Anti-virus software will slow down the bootup slightly.

One of the interesting tips here is to remove unused fonts.

Most people’s computers have many programs that are rarely used that load into memory at startup. And the order of load seems to be random.

I still will probably look into Windows 7 soon. I’m supposed to get it free.

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