Sunday, May 30, 2010

Most desirable careers in the future will stress people skills, not to everyone's taste

AOL keeps flashing (or is it “streaking”) before us “10 most desired …” jobs, or behavioral interviews, or online reputation trips, or whatever. So do Techrepublic and MSN.  Here's the latest list from a site called Workbuzz (link).

Today (Memorial Sunday) it’s “the Future’s 15 Most Wanted Workers”. (It’s up from 10 to 15).

It’s true that a couple of them are intellectual in nature (business operations specialists) but people-oriented jobs are much more prevalent now than on any list since the 1960s. Note jobs like “clergy”, “teachers” (despite the layoffs), but particularly child-care workers and home health aides.

That may partly reflect the modern reality that such jobs can’t be outsourced easily.

It may reflect a trend toward more “social responsibility” as part of a sustainable society.

On the other hand, there is a need for big-time brainstorming on how to solve some of the enormous problems that will certainly affect communications, on the web today. For starters, understand what’s at the heart of the social media privacy debacle(and “online reputation” debate) and what the public really needs to do to manage the risks created by social media technology, while still allowing productive communication and freedom of public expression.

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