Thursday, May 13, 2010

Federal government to speed hiring process, give more weight to resumes and cover letters, less to KSA's

On Wednesday, May 12, on p B3, the Washington Post ran a story about speeding up the federal hiring process (as through USA Jobs), by Ed O’Keefe, “A move to streamline the hiring process: Frustrated job seekers cheer as new rules are announced,” link here. The online title of the article is “For applicants, federal hiring reform a relief”.

The news story presents the chronicle of a midwesterner who paid several round trip airfares to Washington for repeated interviews. Currently, the typical hiring process takes 140 days or more.

Friends tell me, however, that “USA Jobs works”.

The new rules will allow more consideration of resumes and cover letters rather than just answering KSA’s, which have become an arcane world of their own. KSA’s tend to repeat the same material in different dress and tend to be very general, but applicants need to make specific points in them and answer the questions asked.

I have a review on my books blog Dec 19, 2008 on the book on federal jobs by Dennis Damp.

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