Saturday, May 08, 2010

Economy is really starting to add permanent jobs now

The economy has generated about 500000 new jobs since the beginning of 2010. Only about 100000 of these were temporary census jobs. 290000 new jobs were added in April.

NPR (National Public Radio) published an interview on “All Things Considered” hosted by Robert Siegel with Tamara Keith, mechanical engineer Brian Silverstein, and Bernard Baumohl of the Economic Outlook Group here.

The unemployment rate may remain high, however, because more unemployed candidates are reentering the workplace and are being counted. 

Lisa Sylvester on CNN discusses the significance of the employment improvement for the economy, starting with Home Depot, which has worked with AARP to hire seniors. UPS is hiring, as is Best Buy and Google will add to its sales staff.

The percentage of employers saying they will hire is also rapidly increasing.

Still “people oriented” jobs that cannot be outsourced, like in health care, may be the fastest to grow.

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