Friday, May 21, 2010

AOL offers advice on how Windows users should troubleshoot BSOD's; also advice on slow bootup

AOL has a useful article today (Friday May 21) on how to fix a Windows computer that gives intermittent
BSOD’s (blue screen of death).  The article is called "How to fix a crashing computer."

The recommendation is to reboot in safe mode (f8) and then looking at the Event Viewer, or looking at System, Hardware, Device Manager, Properties for errors, and disabling the driver from the startup or not using the item.

AOL also says that it is offering a PC troubleshooting service over the phone, news to me.

Last fall, Microsoft issued a “bad update” that caused intermittend BSOD’s in Vista and had to be backed out.

The tips seem to apply to XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

On a Dell desktop, last year I experienced progressively slow bootups (in XP), which turned out to result from a failing hard drive (6 years).

Some errors might result from accumulating registry errors, which products like Regcure are available to fix.

Also, check this reference on slow bootup (eliminating unecessary processes and fonts) on AOL here.

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