Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Windows vista weirdness: what happens when you (just) want to replace a Dell ink cartridge

More weird stuff happens on my Vista machine. Last night, for the third time, Webroot prompted me to increase my backup space, but kept saying that the selected backup set was too big, even after Restart, and even when the actual set is only 5 G and the allowance according to the purchased spaces is 35G. Maybe I have to give it more time –will get back to it.

But the main oddity occurred when I tried to order my Dell A940 replacement ink cartridge. The printer is obsolete (I think it’s A944 now) but the cartridges are still available. The printer used to be hooked up to the older Dell XP desktop. Now it’s connected to the Vista laptop quasi desktop, with auto-install of drivers, etc. But when I try the link to order, I get a message from Google Chrome saying it cannot create a required directory. I get it even if I close all Chrome pages, and in fact Internet Explorer is still the default browser. Weird! Webroot antivirus, just run, finds no problems. Suddenly, guess what, I get another notice from Vista that it wants me to install the latest security updates. Oh, well.

I ordered it from Dell's website, and for the first time ever a commercial website told me that it had to standardize my mailing address into "Code 1" format (putting box number on the same line as street"), a concept I had become familiar with in 1998 when I worked on NCOA (National Change of Address) with Group-1 software, and with clientization.

Stay tuned. There’s more to look into.

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