Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why would Vista hang during start-up?

Last night, my Dell XPS laptop with Vista (Home) hung once during bootup. The musical signature did not play as Vista started, and the circular cursor stopped spinning after the icons on the desktop loaded. The PC frooze. On de-powering and repressing power, I got the question on a bad previous shutdown from the Bios screen, and the restart was normal.

I’ve noticed that in different boots, different events occur in random order. Sometimes Webroot starts first, sometimes its Microsoft messenger, sometimes it’s the gadgets. It seems that the warning about the Recovery Disk space has to come up, with “cancel”, for the startup to complete.

Sometimes, during the first few minutes, Internet Explorer will hang once (and freeze the PC for about a minute) and then fix itself, and there are no more problems the rest of the session.

Automatic updates run, and last summer there was a known BSOD problem with one update, which was removed (related to device drivers).

I see some other problems out there on the Web about problems during startup, such as here with devices added, or here.

Perhaps I need to convert to Windows 7.

Do others have experiences with freezes during Vista bootup?


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