Thursday, March 25, 2010

There are multiple ways to upload pictures into a blog: Picasa itself is pretty effective in my view; also a workplace "machine dream"

From Bill on the Information Technology job market

I had written about managing blogs as a part of an integrated web presence and connecting them through hosting service providers that specialize in blogs (especially in Wordpress) on March 11.

Yesterday afternoon (March 24), I noticed that suddenly my Blogger upload button disappeared from the toolbar. I noticed problems in the Help Forums “Something is Broken” section referring to issues for Blogger in Draft, but mine issue occurred with both versions. I had signed up for Amazon Associates on my Book Review blog and that worked fine, about an hour before I noticed this change.

I found a problem in a Vista environment with IE-8 (Security with Webroot Spysweeper), and in a Windows XP Home environment with Chrome (security with Kaspersky).

I found a workaround. Go to Picasa, upload the picture there directly (it required allowing Active X to run, the giving permission to Vista security to install an ap), follow the steps carefully, look for “links” on the right after bringing up the picture, and selecting the embed code (chose “medium” 400 px) and pasting the embed into the blogger text. It worked fine. It does give an extra link to your Picasa album; maybe a stray visitor would actually look at the entire album.

All in all, it’s not much more work than the “upload”. I didn’t see anyone else document this on the Help Forums, so I will shortly.

It’s a good idea to add a caption to the Picas picture – particularly on a movie review blog, so the copyright folks know the picture is yours and didn’t come from an illegal screen shot in the movie (particularly with movies shot in very public locations, like around Washington DC monuments). And, by the way, those 10 megapixel digital cameras get cheaper all the time (at Best Buy, Radio Shack, etc).

One other thing. “I had a dream” last night – and I want to “capture” it – something about setting up DB2 tables temporarily in a project for a “workaround” and then “dropping” the tables later. I don’t remember actually doing this at work. What I do remember is being expected to be resourceful and curious enough on one’s own to work around something.

Update: Someone posted an answer in the Help Forums. See comments below. But doing the Upload with Picasa seems to work and may be a workaround when the Upload breaks, as it sometimes does. Also, I get spurious Windows Data Exception protection errors from other sites that are open, probably an IE-8 bug under Vista (not on Chrome or Mozilla); this can't happen when doing it in Picasa.

Update 2:

I tried Compose mode on the movies blog later today and everything worked. You can "edit" in "compose more. If you click "new blog" you will stay in edit mode until you change modes manually. More discussion tomorrow on the "philosophy" of communicating changes to users in the workplace.

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Bill Boushka said...

From Google Help forums, "something is broken" someone writes

Change the editor's mode from "Edit HTML" to "Compose". I think, you were always working in the HTML-mode through an oversight.

He's right. They show up in compose! But it's as easy to do with Picasa, it seems!!