Monday, March 08, 2010

IBM offers DB2, dynamic server products for "cost containment": more skills for resumes

On Monday March 8, Tech Republic offered subscribers an e-book PDF document from IBM, “IT Budget Killers: And How You Can Fight Back”. The download link was here.

Oddly, the link used the FTP protocol to present the PDF document on your computer; I haven’t seen a website do this in ten years!

Some of the biggest problems are “sprawl”, “system complexity” and particularly compliance. The system complexity often occurs as a result of corporate mergers. Direct connect and GUI interfaces are built on midtiers, which may be based on replication of legacy data, or more modern database technologies may connect to legacy directly. If you go to your bank these days you may see this; employees are likely to have a variety of GUI interfaces and mainframe CICS screens to look at your accounts. (I still think CICS is more secure; I like to see it.)

IBM is selling DB2-9, Informix Dynamic Server (IDC), and ROI tools like DB2 Dynamic Compression. Professionals will need to show proficiency in these on their resumes as time passes.

IBM’s paper doesn’t quite merit a book review, but it’s an interesting offering (and not a “burnt offering”).

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