Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to link blogs (Wordpress or Blogger) to your own domain, and how to choose the best ISP: the references

If someone wants to develop a coherent web presence with a detailed, well cross-referenced and labeled blog at the heart, it’s a good idea to look over the service providers and see how they link from domain names (or subdomains) to blogging platforms like Wordpress.

In fact, Wordpress itself gives some recommendations here. What strikes me is the range of bandwidth offered, with Blue Host appearing to be the most generous, at least at first glance. BlueHost also offers a “one click” Wordpress install.

There is a site called “Desndev” which is a “blog about building sites with Wordpress” (link) and also has a link “3 Things to Know before Choosing a Wordpress Hosting Provider.”

Larger companies do not seem to make Wordpress as critical a piece of their strategy. But there are plenty of references available. For example. “Fresheventure” offers the video “Network Solutions Easy Wordpress Installation” here.

An example of Network Solutions own discussion of the interface is here.

For Blogger, Google offers a help page “How do I create a CNAME record for my custom domain?” CNAME refers to “canonical name”. It lists a number of major and well-known Internet service providers, including GoDaddy (also important in the Wordpress world) and Yahoo!Small Business, and lists the procedural steps for establishing the proper domain name mapping. The link is here.

“JimmyZ” also has a technical guide for connecting Blogger to your own domain here.

There is a site “Already Hosting” that lists major providers and links to reviews of the services in a comparison chart, link here.

Update: March 25:

Blogger does offer the ability to link to your own domain under "settings" and "publishing", regular and in draft. I don't know whether you can go to a subdirectory for the blog (that is have multiple blogs to one site, each blog to a different subdirectory).

Update: Dec. 24

It's probably a good idea to consider whether you host your own copy of the blogging software, which would give you better protection from aribitrary cutoff due to incorrect accusations of spam.

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Bill Boushka said...

By email from a visitor:

Hello there
I noticed you are linking to from your page:
I wanted to bring into your attention some controversy regarding the list of WP hosting that is listed there. Bluehost (which is the top recommendation) is owned by Endurance International Group who invested in Automattic in 2014. Many have complained that the recommendation on the WordPress site (owned by Automattic) is bias.
Can you change or add this resource instead (, which allow users to vote for the best WP hosting. This way, each hosting company in the world get a fair chance to be listed, and users get a far more honest (and detailed) option for their hosting preference?
I appreciate your help in this. We can make the life of many web developers (and a few good working hosting companies) far better.