Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How good is the "open source" Open Office advertised with java updates?

Today Sun updated my Vista computer with a new version of Java (Webroot complained about one step, but it seemed to be a false alarm). The applet did not show in Mozilla until I restarted the machine (I shouldn’t have needed to) but what was really interesting (to me) was that Sun displayed an “ad” for Open Office as a free “open source” and essentially “creative commons license” for use (loosely borrowing from EFF’s suggestion) of the word processing, spreadsheets, and some databases. The word processor is supposed to be able to save PDF documents.

The main link is here.

I haven’t tried it yet. Is that what a co-worker called “an astonishing lack of curiosity” back in 1999? I don’t download new things onto my system quickly, but I may try it soon. I wonder how other users have found it to work.

The product would be useful to people with multiple computers, for example laptops (or probably notebooks) for travel. No longer would you need multiple-computer licenses or separately licensed copies.


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