Monday, March 01, 2010

Baby Boomers v. GenX: Do age discrimination laws really work?

Here’s an interesting column published today by US News and World Report, by Emily Brandon, “7 Tips for Working for a Younger Boss”, link here. What’s really interesting is the tone of the long comment that follows: “Boomers: You Need to Rethink Seeking Full Time Jobs With Gen Xers.”. The visitor points out that younger managers often have weaker leadership skills than management skills, and that age-discrimination laws in the US have backfired. Why hire someone over 50 if he or she is so hard or dangerous to get rid of? Good point. I also think that there is apperception that Baby Boomers should focus on sales jobs, where their compensation is directly related not just to performance, but to a lifetime of social contacts – maybe. Or maybe Facebook changes all that.

The March 1 issue of the magazine has a long issue on employment, suggesting that people may be racing too quickly o jobs that supposedly can’t be outsourced.

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