Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What they should have taught you in school about the world of work: sales? (hucksterism?) manual labor?; watch your reputation!

Here’s a cute article from Career Builder and Anthony Balderrama, “What they should have taught you in school; professional skills you wish you had learned,” link here.

There is a lot of emphasis on soft skills and people skills, and even “small talk”, the bane of introverted personality types. This is a far cry from the post last week on good technical interview “essay questions”.

There are a lot of short quotes of what employers said in response to questions about what else people should be taught in school. Some of them were curious.


“Sales. No matter what you think, you'll be selling. Everyone's selling something; even if it's just themselves. Let's teach our kids how." My reaction, I don’t want to become dedicated to peddling someone else’s agenda.

Here’s a good one that my father (with his mantra about “learning to work”) would like:

"Manual labor. Everyone should have a manual labor job at some point. Wait tables and wash dishes. Pump gas. Mow lawns. A little humility is good for you and might prevent you from being a jerk later in life."

Call it “pay your dues!”


I noticed a post on Parry Aftab's "I Keep Safe" blog, "Some Employers, Colleges Asking Applicants to Pull Up Facebook During the Interview", link here, Jan. 29, 2010, link here and mentions the company Reputation Defender.

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