Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Employers want much more detailed resumes now than they used to

I get a lot of emails from TunaRez(link) offering resume evaluation, and an email yesterday (Tuesday Feb 9) related that the “rules of the game” for resume writing have changed. Employers want more now. They want to see not just what you did but how you did it. Using adjectives and adverbs is OK as well as active nouns and verbs (like in your English 101). They want to see more details, even on the resume, and start making decisions about “hiring” as well as interview even on the basis of the resume. Longer resumes may be all right for some people. And people will need to account for gaps in employment, not just layoffs but, for example, family care.

Even ten years ago, after the 2001, 9/11-related recession, outplacement companies had been telling candidates to keep resumes brief and functional, emphasizing "what" rather than "how" -- but with lots of quantification.

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