Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Census accused of waste with temporary workers (AP, Commerce audit)

On a day that I am seriously considering calling Census later today about a temporary job, I I found this story about waste in It got mentioned this morning on ABC Good Morning America, in passing. It actually came from Hope Yen of the AP. The link is here. The article lets the expensive Super Bowl spot on CBS, but it says $3 million has been paid to temporary Census employees who haven’t done any work, according to an audit that the AP says it has obtained. Apparently the report was developed by Todd Zinser of the Commerce Department.

If I go to work, I have to think about the oath seriously, and make sure it doesn’t cause an "existential" or "prospective" legal conflict with my writing, particularly if I were to move into a supervisory role sooner or later.

In the DC area, Census, like all agencies, would be dealing with the lost of 4-1/2 days to snow.

And the temporary jobs are indeed a help given the economy.

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