Friday, February 05, 2010

Be careful: you can actually quit your job in Twitter

Well, you really have to be careful about what you say on your little microblog tweets, when you can resign from a job via Twitter. That’s what Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems did a midnight last night, according to this MSN story by Elizabeth Strott, link

Gone, it seems, are the hardcopy resignation letters from the company laser printer.

What if somebody created a fake Twitter account and resigned for you?

The story also reports that sales jobs will increase at Oracle. It’s possible that sales jobs will increase among a number of software companies. For example Pitney-Bowes (including Group-1 software, dealing with address standardization and USPS interfaces like MoveForward) has a page explaining its sales program here. Again we have the question, can techies sell? Should they?

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