Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tory Johnson outlines income opportunities working from home with your web content (your "online reputation" matters!)

Tory Johnson (“Women for Hire” and “Tory Johnson’s Job Club”) gave some good advice Tuesday Jan. 19 on “Good Morning America” on how to make money at home from your web presence in a “positive” (in an “online reputation’ sense) way. On my main blog this morning, I discussed her treatment of “Sponsored Tweets” and gave the ABCnews link (there is also “Pay My Tweets”).

She also explains how one can make money submitting articles to AOL for its subscription site. It can pay $25 to $75 per assignment, but only the “best content” is accepted and published on its site. AOL has a reputation (more than Yahoo!, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, and other news sites) with grabbing member’s attention with shocking stories (remember how it handled Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson in the 2004 Super Bowl?). So if your story is really original and really unusual and unlikely to have other writers than you, it might have a better chance. It seems to like stories about getting jobs, dealing with mortgages and banks, and other practical tips, too.

She also discusses Web Site testing., which is likely to be a consumer or shopping site where you will be asked to find a particular item and check it out, and test the navigation within the site. She also discusses being a Web Affiliate, of large companies like Amazon, and a particular site called “The Giftonary”, here. Another opportunity that I know is Link Share (here) , which I was much more active on early in the previous decade.

It’s important to consider how you set up your web presence if you want to go the affiliate route. Provocative political content might drive some advertisers away (I found this particularly the case with airlines, which would never accept me in LinkShare probably because I had so much material about 9/11). To quote a line from one of my favorite horror films ("Bugcrush"), "You have to know what you want."

The long title of her article is “Earn Cash from Home When You Work with Twitter, AOL and Other Online Companies : Web Site Testing Can Pay, Expert Says.”

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