Monday, January 25, 2010

CNN outlines 22 best companies to work for, each with over 500 openings (also with Fortune)

Check out CNN’s Best 22 Companies to work for, with a total of 87000 openings, each company with over 500 openings, link here.

The companies vary from major consulting and accounting firms, to information technology, to retail. Many of them have a major presence in the Twin Cities (I lived in Minneapolis from 1997-2003 and it strikes me how many of these do have major operations in Minnesota.)

Each page includes a blurb from the company’s HR on what it looks for now.

Google was on the list, and I was particularly impressed with the idea that the company says, “Candidates should bring their whole selves to the interview and not try to fit some mold that they think Google wants” . It sounds like they want candidates who can “connect the dots”. I relish their finding this comment on my blog if I ever have an interview with them.

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