Thursday, December 03, 2009

Windows Vista sends Sevice Pack 2 to X64 bit machines today

Today, Thursday Dec. 3, Windows Vista greeted me with an update, KB948465, Service Pack 2 for 64-bit systems. It warned that it could take over an hour and restart the machine multiple times. The actual experience took about 45 minutes and caused only one restart.

The copy part of the install took about 10 minutes, and then after a wait a restart prompt appeared. The restart was followed by the usual two configuration steps, which this time gave a percent update status of each step, followed by a similar practice in Step 3 after the shutdown and reboot.

One problem is that Microsoft tends to leave you clueless when it gets stuck at one percent number (like 1%) for ten minutes, and not tell you that the process really is working and not hanging.

It seems that Thursday morning is the time for updates. No matter if you have to go to work.

I’ll need to check out Best Buy’s deal on Windows 7.

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