Thursday, October 15, 2009

Windows Vista Home Edition hangs when installing updates, which apparently are miscounted; have others seen this problem today?

Today, when I tried to shut off my Dell XPS with Microsoft Windows Vista Home Edition (purchased Ju,y 2009) the system applied nine automatic updates, and then hung with “Please do not turn off or power off the computer; installing automatic updates” or words to that effect, while applying the 9th of 15 updates.

After over an hour, I powered off the machine, and rebooted. Dell run a couple of registry repair scripts automatically, and after thirty seconds of that, the boot process resumed and the “registry” of the updates (3 steps) went normally. I checked Windows Update Center and found nine updates installed successfully (the last one was a .NET update which may have been rather large). There were no important updates to install. There was optional update available. I don’t know why Microsoft thought there were 15 updates during the shut-down process when all the evidence says there were only nine.

This problem may happen today with Home Vista users. It might not happen on networked machines as in a corporate office.

I don't think this is related to the Dell-imaged Recovery Space being low.

Has anyone else seen this problem recently?

Update: Oct. 29

If you witness the update prompt and use it to restart the computer immediately, it seems that this does not happen. But during the "Shutting Down" phase of the restart, the computer appears to be doing the installs; that can take up to 45 minutes in some cases. Thwe update procedure in Vista still takes too much time.

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