Saturday, October 24, 2009

Windows 7 available Thursday Oct. 22: it's official

Windows 7 was officially released as available Oct. 22, 2009. Microsoft advises Vista and XP users to run a “Windows 7 adviser” to make sure that their systems are compatible, link here. Visitors will also want to follow MSDN’s blog ("Engineering Windows 7") here.

Some users have been playing with Windows 7 since it was leaked through BitTorrent in December 2008.

The October 22 date had been confirmed as far back as June 2, as with this story in PC World.

Amazon sells Windows 7 upgrade for $119. The upgrade requires a PC-like machine running XP or Vista and it should pass Microsoft’s Upgrade Adviser, above. Other users require a full version. It’s not clear if the MacIntosh will eventually be able to run Windows 7 emulation the way it runs XP emulation now. Some users, as those who want to edit video, will need to purchase an additional package called Windows Live Essentials (wiki link here).

Some consumers may have maintenance contracts with sellers offering them free upgrades to Windows 7. Best Buy offered this with some laptop sales this year.

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