Sunday, October 18, 2009

Watch your Blackberry's "back": it's is a magnet

I noticed this morning that the Blackberry device (even outside the holster) is magnetic. The top portion on the back will hold a paper clip (it happened by accident). I did find a link on the web about the “magnetic holster”. Only the upper back is magnetic; the front portion is not. Actually, I'm surprised that the paper clipp got magnetized; sounds like a middle school science experiment.

Does this mean it could be harmful if next to a laptop or PC in order to use Verizon Wireless? I haven’t noticed any problems. But I always thought you should keep anything magnetic away from a PC.

Likewise, I’ve wondered if driving right past power stations (or along major high tension power lines) could harm a laptop in a car. I’ve done it many times and it’s never hurt anything.

Any feedback on this?

Even the President’s Blackberry is a magnet, probably.

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