Friday, October 23, 2009

Recruiters and employers should be careful with conventional background checks (as well as hidden BI's on social networking sites)

Workforce Management has advised its subscribers of another trend in employer background checks. Recall that back in September it had advised recruiters against careless use of social networking sites for “background checks.” It also advises against misuse of conventional background information, including credit scores. The link for the story by Fay Hsnsen (which it advised its subscribers by email Oct. 22) is here.

Some employers still do regular drug screenings and credit checks. It is important that employers don’t use these in a way as to cause as disparate impact related to a suspect class. It’s also important that the screenings be legitimately related to a genuine security concern. (For example, it would never be acceptable to day to examine an associate’s sexual orientation.)

The article discusses a company called “Hire Right”, which has many white papers and services, with this link summarizing what the company checks applicants for.

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