Monday, October 12, 2009

Cisco innovations, offering server-like features to routers, could help create jobs

The New York Times Bits Blog on Monday, Oct. 12 has an interesting piece “Making Routers Act like Servers”, link here. The online story by Alshee Vance is “Cisco teaches routers to act like servers” and as correction to note that the product uses low-power PC chips.

Cisco has developed a feature called AXP, or Application Extension Platform, which adds some firmware to the router which invites programmers or developers to develop tasks normally taken on by servers.

This could provide a source of new jobs.

It’s not as clear how this could affect the stability of networks, when router failures, for example, cause some Internet sites available at home to be unreachable for a while.

Attribution link for Wikimedia picture of Cisco router.

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