Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why do companies take so long getting their websites up?

I’m thinking of a particular company (a “club”) that took its site down in March and won’t be live until October.

It can’t be the programming. Plenty of people around know Visual Basic (COMM or Visual Studio), java, and many of the web generating packages. Now Expression Web is around.

The content of the particular place, mostly the calendar, can’t have that much.

Maybe it’s that companies have such stake in the results, whereas “amateurs” often believe, incorrectly given “online reputation” concerns, that they do not.

I remember that at my last “major” IT job in 2001, it taking about four weeks to deploy an internal site. But a coworker developed, on his own, with a style similar to javadocs or to Sun’s java site) a reference website for the midtier application (I’d call it an internal “do tell” site) that other analysts used for support problems for over two years, and on his own, he got it put up very quickly.

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