Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Retraining programs need to be realistic to work for unemployed

Mike Brunker has a major story on MSNBC, “Retraining roulette: New skills, no new job”, and gives as an example the Ivy Tech Orthopedic and Advanced Manufacturing Training Center in Warsaw, IN, near Elkhart. The link is here.

Retraining for more manufacturing jobs does not necessarily result in placement. But a couple years ago, PBS reported on a retraining program in Ohio to teach laid-off steel workers to do jobs in health care and even become nurses. Like it or not, jobs in personal care are becoming more numerous in the mix because of demographics (and such hands-on, people-centered jobs can’t be offshored).

In IT, it seems that the right place to get the jump is in college, because requirements for IT positions seem to be so specific and the expertise that employers (mostly clients) want is so narrow and focused.

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