Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recruiters might well favor currently unemployed candidates now

Here’s an interesting article from an I.T. recruiter’s perspective, linked to by Dice, by Ross Clennett, “10 reasons to prioritize immediately available candidates,” which is a nice way of saying reasons to prefer currently unemployed candidates. The link is here.

There are many reasons. One of the most important is that there are no confidentiality problems with reference checking. But the biggest reason is that the candidate can start working for the client immediately; there’s no two-week notice to worry about.

There shouldn’t be much “stigma” to unemployment these days. We’ve always had the issue of mothers returning to work, and maybe the retired returning to work after a long hiatus. The question that clients worry about is then, “can you still do it?”

Another little tip: my own conversations in the past show that Dice is reasonbly priced for recruiting firms with some scale, but maybe not so for very small operations.

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