Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Microsoft automatic update KB973879 for Vista: more on how to uninstall it if it causes BSOD's (Blue screen errors)

To follow up on the problem reported here Aug. 27 with Vista, I’ve found that Microsoft reports a problem with update KB973879, with the explanatory link at this URL. This results in instability for Vista users with what seems like random BSOD Blue Screen errors. Microsoft's most recent writeup seems to be here.

As I noted, the problem seems to occur when detaching a device (like a camera, or perhaps ejecting a CD), when letting Microsoft Office save an unnamed document automatically, or when returning from sleep mode. Or it may occur randomly within ten minutes or so of normal startup, when a restart (by pressing the power button on many machines) will not even work without going through “repair” boots.

But the instructions at this KB article did not work for me. At Best Buy, we went to Control Panel, Updates, update history, and then installed updates, which will let you remove the update. The restart will force you to let the computer follow the reregistration steps for the update without interruption (keep the laptop plugged in).

In fact, I was under the impression that you don’t install or back out updates in safe mode.

The technicians recommended leaving automatic updates off for a day or two until Microsoft provides more definitive solutions to this specific KB item.

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