Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Maybe resumes for older IT workers do need to be chronological (in reverse)

The most recent issue (Sept. 7, 2009) of “The Career News” (not to be confused with “Career News” or “Career Digest”) advises “Resume tip: Give employers what they want.” The link is here.

The advice now is to give complete work history (I suppose that this includes grunt jobs or interim jobs), and make it available in a chronological order. A recruiter once told me that she wanted to see all IT work history in reverse chronological order (no other work), and let the “accomplishments” speak for themselves. "Reverse chronology" does mean "Benjamin Button order". In other words, the conventional wisdom of functional resumes for older workers may not be selling in the real world. It is seen as deceptive. Remember, today employers want “risk-free hiring.”

The Career News is also offering a free critique of your resume by a “professional writer”. I’m not sure what the later phrase means here: a member of NWU? It sounds like throwing words together.

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