Thursday, September 17, 2009

Job requisitions needing heavy PowerBuilder experience seem to increase

I’m seeing occasionally some job requisitions sent to me that really are heavy on PowerBuilder, wanting 8 or 10 years of it (since the late 1990s) and now looking for PowerBuilder 10 or 11. Along with that is a requirement for java and SQL server or some other SQL product. Sometimes Web packages like WebLogic are sought.

In my experience, java has been used in large companies for mid-tier data access (after replication from legacy) and PowerBuilder is used for the GUI for end users, often in customer service centers. But the logical manipulations even within the Graphical User Interface, as well as the database connectivity logic, really gets complicated, as do the test environments and promotion procedures.

No wonder job requisitions have gotten so specialized.

All of these things require a lot of constant hands-on work experience (with multiple test and production platforms) so that one really learns them. My impression is that PowerBuilder is harder to learn well from scratch than java, but C# is easier than both.

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