Monday, September 21, 2009

Consultants have to behave like entrepreneurs

Tech Republic has a story today “Help Prospective Clients Justify Hiring You”, by Chip Camden (link here) that shows the extent to which I.T. work has become a “mom and pop” entrepreneurial world for some people.

He gives a line of java code, and suggests that as a consultant you could offer to mentor a lesser paid associate to do the routine coding (say of hash tables, or of canned routines like data collectors). He says you can help the client realize it will save money by hiring you, or get a major compliance issue (HIPAA is a good one) off its back. And you may, like a home seller these days, have to negotiate on price (that’s a Donald Trump skill – remember what one pre-Apprentice did for his team in Donald’s “negotiation” assignment).

Somehow this article reminds me of a 1998 motivational speech at a conference in Philadelphia held by a company called Group-1, where the speaker talked about needing to relieve oneself of worry about things one cannot do anything about. I guess you want your client to feel relieved, that there are some things he shouldn’t have to feel responsible for every day.

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