Thursday, September 10, 2009

"COBOL for the 21st Century" is a new book

I noticed today that is featuring a book called “COBOL for the 21st Century” by Nancy Stern, Robert A. Stern, and James P. Ley. The link (from Safair Books Online) is this. The publisher (John Wiley & Sons) says that COBOL is still running a large percentage of the world’s business applications and is likely to do so for the foreseeable future.

Back in 2002, some recruiters predicted that eventually employers would recruit COBOL programmers in their 50s and 60s since younger people had lost interest. I don’t know if this is really happening; however, despite the recession, I’ve seen a gradual increase in emails about COBOL contracts very recently.

I noticed that Dice has changed some procedures. It takes HTML out of resumes when displaying them, requires a captcha to update, and requires precise city/state for preferred locations (as on a CODE-1 geographic system). That can be a problem in areas like “northern Virginia.”

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