Sunday, August 16, 2009

Your work environment can affect your "social responsibility" radar screen

One thing about being “retired” and in my current circumstances is that I have cause to consider how dependent I am (or “we” are) on jobs done by others that I wouldn’t want to do myself. That may sound like all the political “cultural revolution” stuff. Just look at the posting yesterday about the “10 jobs that don’t require much experience.”

When you’re working as an individual contributor in an I.T. shop, you think of your corporate environment as your “world”. That segments your mind a bit if you have outside interests, as I did with my political book publishing during the last four years of my career. But in any corporate environment there are weird and layered office controversies that tend to take up your attention. The idea that the world needs more nurses doesn’t get on your radar screen. That would even become true of subsequent environments in interim jobs, like in the symphony orchestra, the collection agency, and school systems.

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