Monday, August 03, 2009

Yes, job offers get rescinded

CareerBuilder , CNN and Rachel Zupek have an interesting article today on job offer retractions. The teaser line is “You’re hire: just kidding” and the article title is “Six things to do if they take the job offer back”, with link here.

It’s also called “fired before you’re hired” and happens sometimes when staffing firms tell clients that they have jobs from clients, and then the client has “miscommunicated” and suddenly says it still has a freeze.

This happened to me after an interview on September 11, 2002 near Minneapolis. The hiring manager had said “he tried too hard” but was going to hire me, but then we learned that she didn’t have an authorization to go outside for mainframe COBOL and DB2 programmers at all. I’ll decline to name the companies (staffing or client) – you never know, I could have an interview again with one or both of them some day.

The job seeker may have few legal resources because of "employment at will" in most states. The article encourages people to keep looking when they have offers until they actually start their new jobs. I haven't done that.

Picture: unrelated, but there is an interesting tunnel on the Colonial Parkway near Williamsburg, almost like a PA turnpike tunnel.

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