Monday, August 10, 2009

"Women for Hire" CEO lays down the ditigal law for jobhunters

On Sunday Aug. 9, Tory Johnson, founder of “Women for Hire” (link ) talked on CNN with Ali Velshi about the dedication job seekers need to show right now.

“Get rid of your digital dirt” she warned. A lot of that is reputation-damaging material online. A couple years ago that was mostly about drugs, underage drinking and nudity; but the concerns are contagious. Employers rightfully worry that sharp-edged blogs and profiles will drive away clients in some businesses. Later she talked about using Linked In and Facebook in an integrated way.

The other big topic that she hit was perfection in resumes. A lot of recruiters will discard a resume with even one typo, she said. Have several pairs of eyes look it over.

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