Sunday, August 02, 2009

Will society always need geeks? Your future boss may be a geek

“Will society always need us geeks?” That’s a Tech Support blog entry by Bill Detwiler Jul 31, 2009. The entry is here. The entry has an embedded 60 Minutes video (Steve Croft reporting), 12 minutes long, about the Geek Squad, where the black tie agent uniform imparts some humility.

But consumer items have become cheaper, and more user friendly, and that suggests that eventually there will be less need for customer service engineers. However, the video indicates that some tech items, such as high definition television, designed overseas by engineers, are often very difficult for novices to set up. Competitive pressures have forced overseas companies to come up with even more “innovations” that may get past consumers. Some refrigerators even need Internet or wireless connections.

The video concludes with the comment “Geeks may inherit the Earth, but they have no desire to rule it.”

When I was substitute teaching, an English teacher had a sign in his room, "some day your boss will be a geek." I think it came from tips from Bill Gates.

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