Monday, August 24, 2009

Vista's performance: laugh a little, cry a little

For what it’s worth, Vista (on my Dell XPS) has been pretty good about automatically finding drivers on the appropriate vendor’s website (as long as it has a business relationship with Dell and Microsoft) and installing them for new hardware. The A940 printer took a while to find, ask for permission and license, and load; the Iomega zip drive found the right driver at Iomega almost instantly the first time.

I hope that this means the days of keeping cd’s around for drivers “in closets” (pun intended) are over.

Sometimes, if the Comcast Internet connection stalls for ten minutes or so (rather frequent), I find that Internet Explorer hangs and spins, and Windows Vista tries uselessly to fix it.

Believe it or not, I’ve seen people balance check books with adding machines.

And I recall the “slide rule accuracy” of physics tests in the 1950s (attribution link on Wikipedia). Look how far we’ve come since then. Maybe too far.

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