Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tips on networking: how about online reputation?

Tech Republic and editor Jason Hiner wake us up today with five tips on networking for IT professionals. He says that IT people aren’t known for this, and his presentation includes in-person networking as well as the use of social networking sites.

One important tip is to get involved locally, with volunteering. Another is to ask for introductions.

The link is here.

He doesn’t cover the issue of networking outside IT, into an area of specialty interest. But it’s obvious that some synergies can live there. One might be interested in the technology of film and network with independent film people. Or obviously get involved in mentoring at schools.

He doesn’t get into the topic as to whether it’s harmful to have a shrarp edge because of political materials on the Web. Ten years ago (before social networking sites came along) everyone would have said, that’s “your” business. Now, with so much work clientized, it’s not so clear.

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