Friday, August 07, 2009

Should job seekers blog publicly?

Here’s a good Career Builder article on Dell MSN today (Friday Aug 7), “Why you should blog” (aka "why blogging is good for your career"), from Anthony Balderrama.

The article goes in to the recommended (with reservation, as there still are no “rules” yet) way to provide links to blogs, through Linked In.

The “problem” is that he’s talking about blogs that are narrowly focused, on specific technical topics. I don’t know how well that would work, for example, in the erratic mainframe market, but it’s easy to imagine blogs about how to combine mainframe code with database tools or various client-server reporting or control mechanisms. One could imagine blogs about the intricacies of the Vantage link deck and control modules (on the mainframe -- remember how "Vantage rules the World"?).

I came into blogging in the late 1990s for an entirely different reason – my “outside” political and social interests, which gradually moved “inside”, so I think my post-65 career is going to have to be about the confluence of social media, law and technology – that’s essentially what these 16 blogs are about. The picture that I chose (from my own voyaging) for this post was taken at Colonial Williamsburg, and has at least a vaguely "political" meaning.

It’s also important to remember (on the “Day After” the Twitter and Facebook outages) that social networking and publishing are somewhat differently motivated activities. Social networking can be done somewhat privately, out of sight of most of the planet (even if you have to be careful about how others can sabotage your “reputation” with one loose video), but typically blogs are broadcasts. They’re there, and they’re intended to influence things just by being there. That’s their strength and someday that could become their political demise.

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