Friday, August 14, 2009

North Dakota is exception to the jobs recession; some jobs require little experience

So, "you" need "a job". Just a job. An "interim job".

CareerBuilder and AOL have a story Aug 13 on “10 legitimate jobs that don’t require much experience”, link here. Some of them are familiar: debt collector (maybe $12 an hour with commissions), nursing home attendant. Some of them are less familiar, such as car traffic coordinator.

The on Friday Aug. 14 The Washington Post had a story about a relative jobs boom in North Dakota. The story, by Eli Saslow, is “Road to Recovery: Woman's Path to Work Ends in Rural, and Job-Rich, North Dakota”, web URL link here. She (63 years old) winds up with a telephone support job in Glenfield, ND, population 75, 45 miles from the nearest grocery store.
I worked for ING-ReliaStar until 2001, and it had some operations in Bismarck and later a customer service center in Minot. “God’s country” they said. ("Why not Min-ot?") I visited the Bismarck area once, in 1998.

Can people get cable and wireless in such remote locations yet?

Wikimedia attribution link for picture from downtown Bismarck

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