Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Job interview tips: watch table manners, keep your car clean

NBC Washington today (August 25) aired some job interview tips and a few of them were a bit personal.

Interviewers may try to test an applicant’s behavior with a “gossip test”, to see if they can draw an inappropriate comment. Another is to take the applicant to lunch and observe “table manners” (Emily Post, please), try to see if the applicant uses alcohol on the job (don’t), or orders unhealthful food. Still another trick is to walk with the applicant to his or her car and see if it is clean (inside and out).

The last two steps sound appropriate only for jobs dealing a lot with the public or with clients. I wouldn’t want a job driving clients around and schmoozing and pampering them with my own car and house. I’m too introverted for that.

I remember that when I started interviewing for my own career (around 1969), I would hear comments that companies would nudge you and tell you what kind of car your were expected to drive. I don't think that's true now (even in the auto industry).

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