Friday, July 10, 2009

Some trite phrases never belong on resumes today

Toni Bowers has a noteworthy column in her “Career Management” column in Tech Republic today, “10 boring phrases you should cut from your resume”, link here. That’s right, never ("ne jamais") use these phrases. They’re trite. Everyone says them. English teachers should tell high school kids not to use them. The phrases include “strong work ethic”, “team player”, and “bottom line oriented.”

Not to overlook, however, I have heard managers talk about “work habits” as well as “work ethic,” and in the 1990s I took a “Team Handbook” class at work, based on the idea of “Total Quality Management”, as opposed to “management by objectives”, which (though popular in the 1970s) had come to be seen as trite by the 90s.

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